Frequently Asked Questions

Can a SleepLab adjustable bed help me get out of bed?

Yes. First, raise your bed’s head section all the way up, then lower your bed’s foot section flat. You should be able to easily slide your legs to the floor while still having the support of your SleepLab bed.

Do I need specialty sheets for my SleepLab bed?

Many of our adjustable beds are approximately the same dimensions as the most common bed sizes, so there is usually no need for specialty size sheets on a SleepLab bed. In the event you have purchased an 84″ Long Bed, we can supply you with a name and number of a company that specializes in custom size bedding.

Should I turn the mattress on my SleepLab bed?

Yes. We suggest turning the mattress on your SleepLab bed to extend the life of the mattress and to ensure that it wears uniformly. We recommend that you turn the mattress on your SleepLab bed four times a year – Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter but for better results rotate monthly.

Is there any maintenance I should do to my SleepLab bed?

Yes. Lower the head, back, and leg section in the down position on your SleepLab adjustable bed when not in use. We recommend applying Silicone Spray to the pivot points of your bed every 4-6 months.

Do the SleepLab adjustable hi-low beds require special wiring in my home?

No. The SleepLab electric adjustable beds use standard, grounded, household outlets and require very little electricity. We strongly suggest that you do not plug your electric bed into an extension cord.

If I should have an issue after I have my SleepLab bed, what steps should I take?

Please contact us immediately either through our contact form below or directly at

Do you really manufacture all products in-house & in the United States?

Yes, with a few exceptions, all our components are made in the USA. We design and manufacture everything else in the USA, all our beds are finally assembled in our factory in Iowa.

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